Eman started practicing yoga to help her healing journey after a rugby injury. Ten years later, she's hung up her rugby cleats in favor of her favorite Jade yoga mat. Her personal practice is based on deep spiritual reflection, meditation and connectedness. As a yoga teacher, Eman is trained in Iyengar and Sattva yoga, and loves teachings people how to connect their movement with their breath. Eman was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and has travelled the world as a journalist and designer before choosing to settle in New York to attend law school. She's a proud plant-mom, Gryffindor and middle-child and can't wait to share her love of yoga with you.



Arthur originally moved to New York City in 2008 at the age of 19 with a hope and a prayer and 300 bucks. Surprisingly he was able to navigate through the trials that come with living in a big city and it became his home. Driven by an innate desire for exploration, he walked into a studio and his passion for yoga blossomed. He initially joined teacher training for a deeper understanding of the practice, but it eventually moved from hobby to way of life. Now he has dedicated over 500 hours to become a Yoga Alliance certified instructor.

His philosophy when it comes to teaching a yoga class is to forever remain a student. His goal is to simply be a mediator, to pass along knowledge that he is constantly seeking to absorb. To him, yoga is all about practice; it’s the idea that you can see something that looks impossible and go on a journey to make it possible.

He believes the world is your mentor. Each day we go out and absorb new information; yoga is the time to reflect and process what we learned, to discover what we might have missed and decide how we might use it



Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." Victoria is a 200 Hour RYT, completing her Vinyasa training at Yoga Vida, NYC. First introduced to yoga in 2013 while studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, yoga began to hold a firm space in her life in 2016, during her hectic corporate life. Victoria's classes are alignment based, with plenty of breath and verbal cues. Hands on adjustments are provided, with respect to her students' needs and wishes. She strives for her students to be present in the moment when they step onto their mat. It is important to listen to your body without judgement, meeting yourself where you are today. Victoria's goal is to provide a safe space for her students to come back to center and quiet our busy minds with mindful movement and meditation. Flow with love. 



Laurel Creighton is a Kripalu certified adult yoga instructor and a Himalayan Institute: Yoga Child Children's instructor. She bases her classes around everyday themes such as loneliness, self-empowerment, and chakra health. By setting a theme she finds instructing asana to become second nature by balancing the embodiment of the elements she wishes to invoke for others.

Drawn to practical mysticism from a young age, she learned about yoga by working at the Himalayan Institute during her high school years. She has studied with several spiritual teachers learning about meditation, self-awareness, zen mindset, yoga, astrology and tarot. Her mentor is Cristie Newhart, dean of Kripalu.

 Laurel hopes to help others discover a deeper sense of self through experiences on the mat.


Never take yourself or life too seriously. The Yoga practice has the ability to help us learn to accept ourselves for who we are while continuing to grow. Hope believes that yoga is truly for everyone and every body. She teaches an open level, warm, inviting vinyasa flow; emphasizing twisting and back bending as tools for empowerment and compassion. Whatever is going on in your personal life can be a direct reflection of what you’ll be able to practice on your mat. Hope strives to teach the balance between hard work, discipline and relaxation. We are all interconnected, so let us come together in this practice to understand ourselves and connect with others.


Irena started to practice yoga in 1999 when she was pregnant. Her love to Yoga grew up together with her children. After taking a ten-day workshop with one of her teachers, Reinhard Gammenthaler, in Thailand her practice became determined and disciplined.
      In 2013 Irena took a 200 and 500-hour teacher training in Israel at Ishitva Yoga Institute and was certified in 2015.  As a working mother, Irena has come to realize the relevance of yoga in every aspect of her life. Between 2000 and 2013 she had the opportunity to study Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga under the guidance of several teachers such as Reinhard Gammenthaler, Shandor Remete, Andrey Lapa as well as Andrey Sidersky.
       In 2013, after coming to New York and taking classes with Sri Dharma Mitra, Irena found her Guru and spiritual family. She studied at 500-hour teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra in 2016. Irena perceived the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual heights of yoga and understood that teaching yoga is a gift she wanted to share the others.
Perform all thy actions with mind concentrated on the Divine, renouncing attachment and looking upon success and failure with an equal eye. Spirituality implies equanimity''
The quote above, from The Bhagavat Gita, inspire her every day.


A native of New York City, Ric is the epitome of an urban yogi.  In 2008, through the exploration of meditation he discovered the life-changing power of yoga and has dedicated his life to bringing this same transformative experience to others.  After spending 15 years building a successful career in digital advertising,  Ric decided to turn his personal passions in meditation, yoga and fitness into new professions and hasn't looked back since.  He is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor teaching Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga.  Ric is also certified in both Traditional and Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Bodywork, and is completing his certification in personal training through the American College of Sports and Medicine.   With all of his work, he aims to bring people to a present-moment based lifestyle.  He is a warm, caring, compassionate, grounding and sincere healer.   Ric is extremely passionate about music and his playlists are notoriously requested.  He loves nothing more than traveling the world, eating out and spending time with friends.  You can learn more about him and his work at www.nubodyandmind.com.  


Luis R. Davila a native of Fajardo Puerto Rico with a background in musical theater, ballet, jazz and modern dance. Luis' passion for movement is complemented by the Vinyasa Flow method which is musical, hip, hot & Holy! Luis earned his 300-hour Jivamukti Yoga certification in the Spring of 2008 continuing as an apprentice with Monica Jaggi. In December 2013 Luis received his 800-hour certificate immediately there-after pass his Jivamukti Yoga Advanced Board Exam.

One of his greatest accomplishments has been his dedication to a strict vegan lifestyle thanks to his teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. When one realizes that animals are people too, then yoga is possible. Sharon and David's contribution and blessings to his life as well as to the planet has and will continue to change the world for the better. OM Shanti.



Kelley has been drawn to movement her whole life, starting as a competitive gymnast at a very young age and making a healthy switch to ballet and modern dance as a teenager. Dance carried her through college at CalArts and brought her to New York in 2007. Yoga started out as a fun way to sweat and relieve stress after moving to NYC, but her casual hobby blossomed into a way of life thanks to her teachers at Yoga Vida, most notably Kyle Miller and Domenic Savino. Kelley leads a fun, creative, challenging yet attainable Vinyasa sequence set to a sweet, obsessively curated soundtrack that will get your heart rate up then calm you down. She offers modifications and advancements to make each class accessible and engaging for all levels of yogi. 





Carole is a Yoga-Alliance certified teacher and is mainly influenced by the Jivamukti Yoga School which she studied at as well as managed part-time. Before getting certified, she received her BFA in Drama from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, wherein she took many classes in psychology and was on the Dean's List. She has also been a dancer for the past 20 years, which has given her a deep understanding of how fully committing to movement, linked with precise breath work can lead to a truly cathartic experience.

Her classes combine the fun, energizing freeness of a rock/folk playlist with the deeply spiritual study of ancient yoga philosophy. Correct alignment is always emphasized in her classes through the use of props, oral cues and demonstrations, as well as tons of hands-on adjustments. Her hands-on adjustments are not only given as corrections, but are used as a guide for students to feel for themselves how deeply they can truly go into an asana without straining their body. Her students will be challenged and then asked to employ the study of yoga philosophy to learn how to breathe and release through this challenge. Through this practice, students will learn to face difficulty with a steady mind, so that they can bring their yoga practice off of the mat, with the ultimate goal of having a more peaceful life. They will be asked to examine their own samskaras (or patterns) so that they can begin to recognize which patterns of thought and behavior help them to be their strongest and most compassionate self and which no longer serve them. Only when the mind is steady can peace be attained.


Juan received an undergraduate degree in English and Communications in New York, and pursued a successful career in corporate marketing spanning 15+ years. His passion for yoga led to his pursuit of an alternate career path. He holds a certification in Yoga recognized by The Yoga Alliance; and is committed to living the principles of Yoga on and off the mat, continuous study and practice.

Increased stamina, reduction of anxiety and stress, increased clarity of thought, general well-being, and an overall sense of serenity are just the some of the rewards the student will find practicing with Juan. Possessing in-depth experience in teaching both groups and individuals, he is bilingual in English and Spanish, and conducts classes in both.

With the belief that Yoga, if practiced mindfully, can be a transformative experience leading to increased self awareness, Juan’s mission is to support his students in developing their own practices, ultimately identifying their own inner teacher. Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, he invites all to share in the gifts yoga has to offer.

Juan is proud and grateful to be part of the Brahman Yoga community and be in the company of such special group of teachers and students. Namaste!!!

web www.juanpabloyoga.com / Facebook page: Juan Pablo Yoga


Andrea has been practicing yoga and vipasana meditation since the age of eleven. Her first teacher was her father. She has been a devoted student of Dharma Mittra for many years, and also studies Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Coming from a background in classical ballet and butoh dance has shown her the importance of foundation - working slowly, cautiously, bravely, in order to be bold and fully experience that by simply using the breath with mindful movement can bring deep levels of concentration and transformation. 

Yoga is a very powerful practice. It has the ability to reveal this otherness about yourself that you did not know exist, cultivating compassion and love for everything your eyes gaze upon. It is a bright, blinding light illuminating the real self that hides because the light is too much for our dull eyes. So, we practice.