How do I sign up for class?

We do not require any sign-ups but you have book a class through Mindbody if you’d like on the Harlem or Midtown Schedule pages. All of our classes are drop-in. The studio will be open ~30 minutes before any given class, so just show up on time to participate.

How much do classes cost?

We ask for $10 for our 75-minute classes. We offer a pay-as-you-wish model for our donation based classes.

Do you have any class packages?

We offer unlimited monthly as well as 10 & 20 class packages. All can be purchase via this link. We also offer gift cards here.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes. Be aware that paying with a credit card requires tax to be added onto the total.

I have never practiced yoga before. Which class should I take?

You are always welcome to join in on any class we offer. As a beginner, you will probably find our beginners vinyasa class to be most beneficial. This class is offered on Saturday and Sunday 4:00-5:00pm.

What kind of Yoga do you practice at your studio?

We practice vinyasa yoga. This is a style of yoga that moves from pose to pose in a "flow" sequence and integrates conscious breathing with each movement. 

Is this hot yoga?

No.  All classes are regular room temperature.

What should I bring to class?

Wear clothes that allow you to move comfortably. You are welcome to bring your own mat, or we have complimentary mats available to rent.

Do you have showers or lockers?

No. We have two bathrooms and two changing areas. We also have cubbie shelves inside the studio to store your belongings. If you have anything particularly valuable, keep it next to you on your mat or leave it at home.

What if I need to leave early?

Please tell the teacher ahead of time. Take an early savasana and leave quietly before the rest of the class take savasana.