Meditation Healing Circle with Music and Sound

with Rossanna Wells

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$15 /Drop In
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 Feel uplifted, empowered, awakened, connected…

Are you stressed, finding it hard to relax? Feeling any depression, anxiousness or grieving? Are you at a crossroads in your life?  Give yourself and your soul a break and join Rossanna’s meditation circle with music and sound for healing and transformation.

Rossanna Wells

Rossanna was born in the motherland of Shamans, in Peru. Trained in Music, sound healing and aromatherapy, Rossanna is a bilingual educator with a Master’s degree in Psychology and a professional background in counselling, and teaching. As a spiritual minister, she brings the power or art, music, language, and South American culture to her healing arts. In her circles Rossanna draws from different cultures and various spiritual traditions of the world. She also makes use of multiple therapeutic modalities including: Native American Ancestral Healing for rejuvenation, Meditation with music and vocal sounding to release stress, Sufi practices with veil dancing and sacred movements for energy shifting, singing bowls with toning and mantra chanting for chakra cleansing, as well as breathing exercises to improve circulation and to tap deep spiritual states. She is currently the Meditation Wellness facilitator in residence at the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, where for the past few years she has been leading meditation circles with music, sound and movement, in Spanish, for the women at their Domestic Violence Program.  Her seasoned experience leading meditation circles workshops and spiritual retreats has brought her to the Harlem Wellness Center, SAGE, and SUNY College among other organizations and private institutions.

Kundalini Yoga Workshop

With Gosia Gianpreet Kaur

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$15 /Drop In

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The Universe is a vibration of energy. We are vibrating in harmony or disharmony with it, a balance that vibrates through our thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and feelings. Sometimes life seems to be continually placing blocks along our path and nothing seems to be moving.

In her Kundalini Workshop, Gosia Gianpreet Kaur will guide you to creative spiritual potential, focusing on the compassion and consciousness needed to serve, heal and find higher frequencies of love, compassion, and kindness in oneself and for others.

 *No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary. All levels are welcome as options and variations will be given to beginners and advanced practitioners.

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